Limited silver gelatin prints available for purchase, on request.           (613)314-7654

Tiina Kirik
482 Cambridge St. South, #304
Ottawa ON, Canada K1S 4H7

Tiina Kirik is a visual artist, working primarily with traditional analog (pre-digital) photographic imaging techniques. Her street and studio photography frequently contribute base images used in her composite darkroom printing work. In print work, she combines film negative enlargement with photogram and montage practices to create unique images with a bold retro aesthetic.

“I do not see things as they are, I can only see them as I am.”

“I extend heartfelt gratitude to the many models, friends and colleagues who encourage me and make this work possible.”

Currently engaged as part-time instructor at the School of Photographic Arts, in Ottawa Ontario CANADA .



3 responses to “Contact

  1. Anonymous

    It’s wonderful to see my old Mamiya “sing” in your hands!
    Best regards,
    Stephen Vass

  2. Wonderful work !
    Best regards from
    Oystein Lystad

  3. Love your work- I’m just getting into pohotograms and cyanotypes combined with print and photography practice. Your work is very inspiring. Caryl

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